Security Films

Improve the safety and security of your home, office, or facility with films that strengthen the glass and help secure the glass in it's frame.

Security films, whether tinted or clear, can strengthen the glass up to 300% reducing the likelihood of breakage.  If the glass does break, your security film will help keep the pieces together making it harder for a thief to break in, keeping you safe from flying shards, and keeping your building envelope secure.

Over the last 20 years we have installed security films from Hawaii to Vermont on military bases, nuclear power plants, community centers, oil refineries, small and large businesses, and private homes.

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Museum Grade Window Films

Blast Mitigation
The purpose of these test methods is to assess the response of the glazing and glazing system to air blast loadings. A level of performance is reported to describe the response of the glazing system based on the blast size and proximity. Solar Gard Armorcoat safety and security films have been tested to these standards and have demonstrated the ability to reduce the probability of injury due to flying glass and debris. Select the film and glass combination that best fits the requirement.

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Intrusion/Burglary Resistance

The purpose of burglary resistance testing is to determine the resistance capabilities of building materials including glazing. These materials are subjected to various amounts of force from varying objects from small hand tools to power tools. These objects, repeated number of blows and time are used to determine the level of performance given to the tested material. Solar Gard Armorcoat 14 mil safety and security film has been tested to these standards and have demonstrated the ability to resist certain levels of forced entry.

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